you'd be nothing without me .

hihihi, heyder. well. im chloe :) got forced into making tumblr :|

been through alot tbh. but its best to always s m i l e <3

they is this guy. but thats it not going to talk anymore about him. this is my tumblr. not his. so im not going to fill my blog full about my felling for him. so bye niall.

he's gone.

oh + im the biggest fucking vampire loving gleek you will ever know about :}

love. peace. friends. best friends. shopping. glee. twilight. true blood. katy perry. rihanna. summer. spring. winter. snow. malibu+coke. boyfriend. the last song. shorts. tights. leggings. brouges. america. oversized jumpers. college. facebook. life. death. 2012. oh + gerrard butler. <3

p.s i love you <3

#passage #skipton #allotments   (Taken with instagram) View high resolution

#passage #skipton #allotments (Taken with instagram)

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